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Talent strategy

Talent strategy 
People Oriented and Talents Reinvigorate Enterprise

Guiding ideology

Talents are the key to the development of career. Shenhua will fully implement the scientific on development, adhere to the strategy of “people oriented and talents reinvigorate the company, and unswervingly walk to the quality and benefit oriented road. Shenhua will continuously optimize the structure of human resource, effectively and rationally deploy human resource and improve the workforce’s overall quality, strive to open a dimension that gives full play to the talents in proper time and talents come forth in succession, and offer strong talents assurance and intellectual support to develop Shenhua a model enterprise on scientific development with “top-ranking management, top-ranking team, top-ranking products and top-ranking environment”.

General thought

The company will developing the new approach on personnel training by taking capability construction as the core, structure optimization as the common thread, talents of high level development as the key point, mechanism innovation as the motive power, career design as the means, and the creation of learning-oriented enterprise as the carrier, so as to form professional management, professional technician, and professional operators.
Taking capability construction as the core, the company will develop the staffs’ continuous learning ability and practical ability, and comprehensively promote staffs’ innovation ability by multiple methods and ways.
Taking structure optimization as the common thread, the company will form the scientific and reasonable talent team in knowledge structure, specialty structure, ability level structure, age structure, and post structure by introduction, exchange and cultivation.
Taking talents of high level development as the key point, the company will endeavor to make the top-ranking talents group that the advanced experts in operating management and advanced specialists in production technology act as the core, and form the highly intensive talent advantage in main business.
Taking mechanism innovation as the motive power, the company will strive to explore new way in human resource development and management, and entirely adapt to new circumstance of talent competition.
Taking career design as the means, the company will broaden the path and space for talent development, and strengthen the company’s attraction and cohesion.Taking the creation of learning-oriented enterprise as the carrier, the company will guide staffs to achieve the transformation from “forcing me to learn” to “I want to learn”, persist in lifelong learning, create a strong learning atmosphere, and comprehensively improve staffs’ overall quality.

Major measures

(1) Broadening talent path and enriching the company’s talent structure by the combination of social recruitment and campus recruitment.
(2) Vigorously develop trainings on job qualification, position regulation and staffs’ quality by improving staffs’ innovation capability, job operating skills and the scenes of safety production as the core.
(3) Creating more chances for the career development of the excellent talents and enabling them to play a role in key position by carrying out internal human resource exchange.(4) The internal staffs of the company have priority to compete for the posts in each department by the internal promotion system, and have a priority to be admitted on equal condition.
(5) Career planning and training will be conducted to the staffs, which guide them to determine their goals and help them achieve their goals down-to-earth by various training, internal exchange, etc.

 Product direction: household appliance used plates, automobile used plates, food packaging, furnishing materials, lamps & lanterns decoration, cladding base plate.
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