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Shenhua Spring Buds Project

Shenhua Spring Buds Project

Since the company was founded, it set up the “Spring Buds Project” activity with related public service charity organizations at home, aiming to support the needy children. In 2005, “Shenhua Education Foundation” was established and it has supported 109 needy children till 2013 and over 10 supported needy children have found jobs. On holidays such as Spring Festival, May Day, and Mid-autumn Festival, Shenhua will send consolation money, and life necessities such as rice, flour, and oil, to the supported children’s families.
On the Spring Festival of 2007, the company bought 29 inch color TV sets for more than 50 needy families. On Children’s Day of recent years, the company organized the needy children to take trip to the science museum, zoo, and botanical garden in such cities as Beijing and Tianjin. The company also bought the children various books on science and study, so as to broaden their horizon and enrich their knowledge and celebrate Children’s Day for the children.
Every year, the company will take out about RMB 100 thousand Yuan and issue grants to the supported students, with the amount ranging from RMB 300 Yuan to RMB 800 Yuan. Now, many supported children have found their jobs and are making contribution to the society and there still are 60 needy children who are being supported by the company. The company will continue to carry forward this undertaking as it always does.
President Zhang always says: “the enterprise doesn’t belong to me but belongs to us, and we must strive to make contribution to the society and be a conscientious enterprise. It is our obligatory responsibility to help the needy staff, needy households, and needy children. There’s no ending to the Hope Project and we will and must steadfastly take our responsibilities.”

 Product direction: household appliance used plates, automobile used plates, food packaging, furnishing materials, lamps & lanterns decoration, cladding base plate.
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