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ADD:East to Beijing,Dachang Economic Zone 

International Trade:

13902005292(Peggy Zhang)

13910623296(Cheng Zhu)

TEL: +86 316-8863886


Recruitment announcement

Recruitment announcement

Recruiting positions

Management department, Purchase department, Supply department and Sales department, etc. advertise for high-quality talents towards the society for a long term.
2. Production:
Operators for each process, such as operators for steel rolling, electricians, maintenance fitters, operators for electrogas welding and slitting mill, technologists on pickling, quality inspectors etc.


1. Logistics:
Applicants shall have the college degree or above and high comprehensive quality. Priority will be given to those motivated youths who have certain work experience or industrial experience.
2. Production:
Applicants shall be in good health and diligent as well as studious. Priority will be given to those who are graduated from relevant majors or have rich operating experience.

Shenhua welcome the motivated talents to participate in and expect to create the beautiful future together with you.

Contact way:
Address: Jingdong · Sahang Hui National Autonomous County Industrial Park
Postal code: 065301
Human Resources: 13373062068(Manager Li)
Tel.: 86 316-8867797
Fax: 86 316-8863728
Website :

 Product direction: household appliance used plates, automobile used plates, food packaging, furnishing materials, lamps & lanterns decoration, cladding base plate.
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ADD: Industrial Park in Beijing East.Hebei Hui Autonomous County of Dachang Sitemap
TEL: 86 316-8863802 Website: service:weichuang
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