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Acid Pickling coil

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Detailed description
Name Precise cold-rolled sheet
Configuration A set of 1380 reversing cold rolling mill with 6 rollers, 4 sets of 1100 reversed cold rolling mill with 6 rollers
Specification 0.12~2.0 mm * 600~1300 mm
Classification Products: cold-rolled hard coil, cold-rolled annealing coil, acid Pickling coil
Performance Elongation (cold-rolled annealing coil): 25%-45%,  tensile strength (mpa): ≥300, hardness (HRB): 45-95
Executive standard GB/T11253-2007 JISG3141-2005 EN10130 DIN1623.1
Material Q195、Q195L SPCC、SPCD SPCE DC01 DC03 DC04 ST12 ST13 ST14
Main applications Possessing fine pattern, surface quality and mechanical performance index meeting uses’ requirements. Widely applied in sheets of household appliances, metal printing, deep drawing, automobile sheet, enamel material, steel cabinet material, antenna material, door plate, galvanized base plate, and color coated base plate, etc.

Acid Pickling coil

 Product direction: household appliance used plates, automobile used plates, food packaging, furnishing materials, lamps & lanterns decoration, cladding base plate.
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