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Langfang Shenhua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

 Langfang Shenhua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Langfang Shenhua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in January, 2005. It is a professional entity company focusing on cold-rolled sheet producing, processing and marketing. It gathers science, industry and trade. It is the first company engaged in cold rolling industry in this area; its completed equipment and technology play a leading role among the domestic cold rolling industries. With more than seven years’ production and management of all Shenhua staff, it has developed into a local mainstay enterprise with more than 700 million assets.
It is located in the national industrial park of Dachang, Beijing East and situated among three developed regions as Beijing, Tianjin, and Tangshan. It is about 42 Km away from Beijing Tiananmen to the west and 100 Km away Tianjin city center to the south as well as 120 Km away Tangshan city center to the east. Its special and ideal location makes it a hinterland of circum Bohai Sea metropolis economic circle. It covers 200 mu, of which plant buildings occupy 105 mu. It has 540 staff, including 20 senior technical staff and 49 professional technical personnel.
It is close to the major traffic arteries connecting Beijing with major northeast cities of china, such as Jing-Qin electrified railway, National Road 102 and Jing-Shen Expressway. Beijing bus 817(Langjiayuan-Xiadian-Dachang) directly connect Shenhua Company; it is 38Km from Shenhua to the capital international airport and arrival to the airport only in 40 minutes. It is 120Km away both from Tianjin Port and Tangshan Port. With the unique land, sea and air traffic condition, its transportation extends in all directions.
The development idea of “People First” has been deeply rooted in Shenhua; highly educated and high-skilled talents gather here. Workers with senior professional titles and college degree or above account for near 100 people distributed in such key positions as logistical management, purchase, production, technology, equipment and sale; they are the driving force of healthy and rapid development of the company. Here has become a gathering place of high quality talents.
It has four assembly lines producing 1,100mm cold rolling and one line producing 1,380mm cold rolling. With constant technological innovation, new equipment input and management upgrade, it is able to produce high quality cold rolling plates. Playing a domestic leading role, the advanced equipment and advanced managerial experience have made its products with high quality and with carious classes; the current annual production capacity is amount to 800 thousand ton. The business income of 2011 reaches RMB 1.8 billion Yuan, with profit of RMB 31 million Yuan; the actual strength of Shenhua has been further proven by its great achievements.
To push forward the sustainable development of the company, it adopts a general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the chairman of the board. It has been actively making innovations in its business models, management modes and production patterns; it sees brand strategy as its backing, information management as platform, improvement, efficient and shortcut as well as clients service as guidance. It adheres to the operation idea of “high quality, honest management and user first” and steadfastly follows the new industrialization road of “sustainable technological innovation, lower resource consumption, fewer environment pollution, better economic yield and huger social contribution”.

 Product direction: household appliance used plates, automobile used plates, food packaging, furnishing materials, lamps & lanterns decoration, cladding base plate.
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