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2010.05.7, logistical staff self-organized to go on a tour

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It was the end of May Day holiday on May 7, and the company organized the staffs of each logistics department to have a tour to Pinggu Stone Gorge and Jingdong Great Stalactite Cave, and have an outward bound as well. The activity this time aimed at strengthening cohesion between colleagues and team spirit, and enabled everyone to have a relaxation of both body and mind, so as to throw oneself to the work with more full state. The participants of the collective outing this time not only included colleagues from such conventional department as the trade department, financial department and management department, etc., but also included staffs from various departments of the dining room, the guardhouse, cleaning and gardening, etc. The day was fully arranged that the first station was to climb the stone gorge in the morning to challenge one’s physical limit. And the afternoon is to the Jingdong Great Stalactite Cave to express the nature’s magical creation and appreciate the charm of “The First Ancient Hole”.

Logistical Staffs Organize May Day Outing

The company organizes the similar collective activities in May Day, Mid-autumn Festival, and National Day Holiday, etc. every year, which is the welfare for every Shenhua staff. The rich and colorful collective activities can tremendously enrich staffs’ after-hour cultural life and strengthen the company’s cohesion. “People oriented” is such an important term in the corporate culture that the company has been fastidiously practicing its company belief of “People oriented” in staffs’ each aspect of eating, clothing, living and behaviors, etc. Staffs in Shenhua work happily and efficiently, because they know their salaries and welfares are reliably guaranteed and of high level. Bill Gates once said if I was allowed to take away Microsoft’s research group, I could recreate another Microsoft. We always believe that only the talents are a company’s motive power for long-term development, and as long as anything that is helpful to the staffs, we will try our best to develop. The company will straightly conduct such collective activities.
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